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About Locuro

Locuro is the unique mobile phone tracking product which has been developed specifically for school trips. Whether it's an afternoon's sport or a longer trip to foreign climes, Locuro enables authorised parents to log in from any internet-enabled PC and join in their child's experience.

This provides proven parental peace of mind and is designed to reduce the level of trip-related calls into the school switchboard.

Whilst we were promoting our critically acclaimed gap year travel safety product Gaptrac we were regularly asked by schools whether it could be used on school trips. Gaptrac's permissions system is designed for individuals meaning that it is not suitable for multi-party usage; however, the regularly repeated question intrigued us enough to look into the requirements and develop a custom-built version which we call Locuro.


The original brief we had from schools was to be able to use this product to reduce the level of phone calls to the School from parents with children... Read more


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Our pricing is very simple We charge £30+vat per handset per month. The minimum contract is one month. This includes the handset...
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