Following conversations with our early adopting schools, Locuro have increased the advertising opportunities for schools on their mapping pages. We now provide a rotating space which allows schools to have six advertisers per handset.

We see this as an incredibly strong product for both the schools and PTA's to work with.

Locuro has the potential to raise £1800 per year, per handset, for your school funds, this is calculated at £30.00 per advert per month. You are of course at liberty to charge more and we encourage you to do so.

If you consider the amount of money being spent by the major supermarkets through schools, you start to appreciate the power of the highly evocative "hearts and minds" opportunity that schools offer. Now combine that, plus the goodwill associated with "pupil safety" along with the fact that the advertisement goes straight into the family home and you will see what a strong advertising tool this is for local companies.