6th Form Enterprise

A totally unanticipated joy for us at Locuro, has been the fantastic feedback and suggestions we are getting from the ever growing number of schools using Locuro. Many of these ideas have already been implemented or have led on to other enhancements.

One such idea is using the advertising element of Locuro as a product for 6th Form Enterprise projects rather than (or as well as) passing it on to the PTA. Since this was first suggested to us, we have been using the idea as part of our pitch to new schools and it is being incredibly well received.

We totally appreciate that some see product invention and development as an import element of the project. We believe however that in Locuro, the Enterprise Team has a professional product and offering ready made for them to take to market but with room for innovation on their part.

As part of this program, Locuro have put together an intensive on-site training day for your students at our Lincolnshire headquarters with follow up modules and email support. We use the training day not just to answer questions but more importantly to ask them, giving students the tools to learn about and experience business at the sharp end. Our training includes the following modules.

  1. Welcome and introduction to Locuro from Chairman or CEO.
  2. Tour of the Emergency Response Centre.
  3. Understanding demographics and how to price your product.
  4. Understanding the use of analytics to sell your product.
  5. Increasing the value of your product offering.
  6. Routes to market - competing with your contemporaries.
  7. Understanding and exploiting your advantages.
  8. Product understanding and discussion.
  9. Using Local press and social media.
  10. Developing your pitch.
  11. Thinking outside of the box.
  12. SWOT analysis.
  13. Data protection and your responsibilities.

We are confident that this one day intensive program will not only help to prepare your pupils for their Enterprise project, it will also excite them and motivate them to learn more. The program has been designed to help to instil skills into pupils that would make us want to employ them.

If distance means an onsite visit at our offices is not viable, we will be happy to provide the training off site at a location closer to you.

The norm with these projects is to liquidate the company at the end of the year and distribute part of the profits as dividends. We suggest a slight difference and that is for the outgoing "management and shareholders" to take their dividends at the end of the school year but then let a new enterprise team "acquire" the existing company at the start of the new year. This means that the outgoing team leaves a legacy of ongoing advertising for the school to profit from under the management of the new team.

Each handset has the capability of generating a net profit of £1800 per year with the potential for more. Each handset can have six advertisements connected to it, when these are all sold the team can then add further handsets.

Within our company we have over 95 years of Board, PLC Board and Senior Management experience and we would love to share this accumulated knowledge with your students.