Frequently Asked Questions

We already use Parentmail

No problem, Locuro actually provides a totally different service to Parentmail and other similar products. Locuro is all about parental inclusion and peace of mind combined with pupil safety whilst on trips. Whilst we do offer messaging from a trip to all parents with pupils on the outing, our messaging is entirely trip based.

Locuro also allows authorised parents to log into trips live, this could be because they simply or catch up on a sports match score or want to share the experience or maybe because they are feeling a bit anxious. They can also log on to revisit past trips.

One last thing - Locuro is also a great way to raise funds for your school.

The school already has a text based product
Although Locuro does cross over a little, it is in fact a different solution aimed 100% at school trips. Locuro allows parents to log in proactively, providing peace of mind when they want rather than waiting for the next update. We see Locuro as additional rather than a replacement to text alert products.
Why can't I see all trips.

Locuro's permissions system has been designed to let parents see their own children's trips (live and historically) there is an option for the school to open up trips to all parents, but this is at the schools discretion. Generally we see this permission being given a day or so after the trip has returned. Your own child's trips are listed under one tab and general trips under another.

How much does it cost me, the parent?

Nothing - Enjoy!

How much does Locuro cost the school?

£30 per month plus VAT including the handset and UK data usage. We have provided advertising opportunities for the school to find local sponsors to not only cover the subscription cost, but also to raise funds for the school.

Can I send messages to the Locuro handset when my child is on a trip?

We decided against this as it could cause a significant distraction / burden to the teacher or helper in charge of the handset. They can use the handset to contact you or all parents if and when required.

I have noticed that sometimes there are gaps in the tracking

This can happen depending on the location of the handset. It tracks using GPS, this means it needs line of site to at least 3 of the 32 satellites orbiting the earth. If the trip is indoors or in a tunnel for instance this will affect coverage. Coverage on trains is also prone to gaps due to a mix of safety glass and steep embankments.

What are "Exclusion Zones"?

Safety is at the centre of everything we do, whether it is for our schools, consumers or our business clients. At the core of this is our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. As well as responding to emergency calls from users around the world, our highly trained controllers constantly scan the World's newswires looking for incidents and situations that could harm our users.

When they come across an incident they set up an Electronic Exclusion Zone 70 kilometres around the site. Any handset already in the zone or subsequently entering it is sent an automated warning. If the message is not opened within 10 minutes a Controller is alerted who will make voice contact to warn of the impending danger.

What is "General Alert"?

When researching Locuro, a common request from schools was to help reduce the level of calls from parents with pupils on trips.

As an instance, let's take a coach crash in France. The first that parents hear is "there has been a coach crash in France involving British schoolchildren". Further details will be sketchy for several hours and the obvious course of action is to call the school. This creates further concern as invariably the lines will be engaged with other parents looking for news.

Whilst our Controllers are scanning for exclusion zones they also look out for incidents that would worry them as parents if their child was on a trip in the area, this example would be such an incident.

Our controllers log the location of the incident and "ring fence" the entire country (or 75 mile radius in the UK). Our system then automatically identifies every trip within the ring fence and determines if each trip could have been involved. As each trip is cleared, the system sends a profiled text message to the parents of each pupil on the trip, alerting them to the incident and assuring them that their child was not involved. The message even tells them how far away from the incident they were and asks parents not to call the school but to go to for further info.

In this way we can alert 1800 parents per minute. Our aim is that the message is the first that parents would have heard of an incident.

Can we charge more for the advertising space?

Absolutely, this whole area really is taking on a life of its own. We initially suggested £30 per month in order to effectively make Locuro free of charge to the school. Several schools asked if they could charge more and several had a number of companies wanting to advertise / sponsor.

Now we provide one advertising space per handset which rotates, enabling schools to have 6 sponsors per handset. At £30 +VAT per month this will earn the school £1800 per annum. We feel many companies will recognise the value of such emotive advertising and be willing to pay more.

How many Locuro handsets do we need?

Our recommendation is to take one handset and get your sponsors / advertisers in place. When you start to get conflicts in your booking system i.e. two trips at the same time or overlapping, then take another handset and so on. With a little effort from your PTA, each one can bring in funds.

So how long do we have to sign up for?

One month! We have full confidence in our product.

What happens when the trip is going abroad?

The data allowance is for UK usage only. When a trip is going abroad you will need a local SIM with data allowance. Locuro provide one months worth of foreign usage within the subscription fees. We need at least 10 days notice to deliver the appropriate SIM card.

Our school doesn't organise many trips
One month.
Our school doesn't organise many trips

Locuro isn't just for the major trips, we see considerable usage for sports fixtures for instance - it's a great way of keeping parents informed of the latest score even if it's a home fixture.

Can I use this technology on my child's own phone?

Yes, we have an ideal product for individuals called Keeptrac and a travel specific version called Gaptrac. It's the same core technology as Locuro but with a different permissions system designed for individuals. They still have use of the Emergency Response Centre to help when you are unable to. There is a link on the mapping page or you can go to or


Lo = short for location. -Curo = the Latin verb for (amongst other things) Take Care, Tend, Look After, Pay Attention, Attend to and Manage. Does what it say on the tin!

So is it just one handset?

Each trip has one handset controlled by a teacher or nominated helper, the handset is allocated to the trip, the pupils are allocated to the trip and this provides the information for our permissions and contact systems.

Schools can have as many Locuro Handsets as they require at £30.00 plus VAT per month. Each handset can have its own set of 6 adverts.

Does it take long to set up a trip?

Roughly 3-5 minutes depending upon the number of pupils.

How do we attract sponsorship for the advertising?

The PTA is a great route to local business's, the school should write to all suppliers and the most effective method is to give a letter to all pupils to take home to their parents asking them if they would sponsor (if they have their own company) or ask their employer if they would consider sponsoring. It offers incredibly good value for money and is especially popular when the sponsor has a child at the school.

Can I print the photos of the trip on my home computer?

Unless your school asked specifically for the facility to be removed, you can save photos from the mapping pages to your computer or device and print from there.

Can I access the trip details on my I-Phone?
You can access details from any internet enabled device.
If there is an accident and my child is injured on the trip, should I call the School or 'Locuro'?
It will depend on the incident and the schools instructions to Locuro. A general rule of thumb is that you would ring the school unless you receive communication from Locuro advising of a different contact number.
If I don't like the content of some of the photos, whom do I contact?

The school.