For the parent

We know from our research that many parents really do suffer when their children are away on trips. Many describe feelings ranging from “a nagging feeling in the pit of the stomach” through to “full blown panic”. No matter how irrational we tell ourselves these feelings are, they ‘feel’ all too real.

Logging on to the Locuro website provides a parent with peace of mind. They can log on to Locuro from any internet-enabled PC and see exactly where their child is and what they are up to. We know from parental feedback that this is very effective in providing peace of mind.

Our General Alert function also reassures parents as they know that they will be informed by text and email of any incidents.

For those lucky enough to be able to relax when their children are on trips, they can use Locuro to share in the adventure or perhaps just keep up on a match's score without imposing on their child's independence.