For the school

The original brief we had from schools was for a product that could be used to reduce the level of phone calls to the school from parents with children on trips. This was especially the case for overnight and foreign trips. After months of research and development, Locuro was born.

Locuro also provides parents with live ETAs and updates, especially useful out of hours. Locuro enables the person in control of the handset to send emails to all parents connected to the trip from one email.

Many schools have also suggested to us that this is a great tool for encouraging interaction between parents and their children as they look back and discuss the trip. Locuro has also been identified as a valuable learning and motivation tool, enabling pupils to follow their peers on education trips abroad.

Setting up your Locuro account couldn't be easier, you simply upload the relevant information into a central secure server which is fully encrypted and is not visible or accessible to our staff. All interaction is undertaken on an automatic enquiry basis behind the firewall.