Locuro is all about parental access and communication on a strict permissions-only basis. Authorised parents can log in from any internet-enabled PC to share in their childs route, photos and audio uploads but only trips that their own child is involved in.

Before a trip, the school secretary or nominated person sets the estimated times and dates of the trip and which pupils will be on it. This feeds into the permissions system so that when a parent logs in they can see both live and historic trips involving their child overlaid onto the finest satellite mapping.

Locuro is a pool device designed for use by a nominated person on each trip. That person, be it a teacher or helper, can add photos with audio or text captions or just audio uploads. This could be a blog from a trip or a score update at a sports fixture.

The handset is connected to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre, this has been built specifically for the ever-changing needs of the worlds mobile phone users. As well as reacting to emergency calls from subscribers, it also works proactively to keep our subscribers safe. Our highly trained controllers constantly monitor the worlds newswires looking for incidents that may affect our subscribers. When they identify such an incident they create an electronic exclusion zone that sends a warning to the handset if it enters the zone. These are normally set on a 75-mile radius or as the controller sees fit. Our system monitors the message and if it is not opened within 10 minutes the situation is escalated automatically to a controller who will then try to make contact by voice to warn of the impending danger.

All our products are cutting edge. Locuro, however, goes one step further: it boasts a function that we call General Alert.

The idea for this function came after a coach crash involving British students in South Africa. BBC News reported two fatalities at around 8.00am. It was past lunchtime when a number was finally given out for worried relatives. This created huge stress for parents and chaos at schools whose pupils were on trips in South Africa.

When our controllers come across such an incident, they set a countrywide alert.

Our system automatically locates every trip in the country in question (or within 75 miles if in the UK). It then uses a complex algorithm to determine if each trip could have been involved in the incident. Where the answer is no a personalised text message and email is sent to the parents of every pupil on the trip assuring them that their child is not involved. The alert also lets them know how far away from the incident the trip was and asks them to visit the Locuro site for further details rather than ringing the school. Our aim is that this text is the first the parent would have heard of the incident, thereby avoiding anxious calls to the school.

In the unfortunate event of a trip being involved in an incident, the Emergency Response Centre offers incident room and emergency assistance. This involves alerting all relevant parties and providing a dedicated number for each school enabling us to handle initial enquiries and passing only the most urgent through to the school. The incident room service is optional and is free of charge.